Reimagined MeLaB exhibition now open at Frost Museum of Science

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science (Frost Science) in Downtown Miami has launched the re-envisioned MeLaB exhibition.

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science (Frost Science) in Downtown Miami has announced the launch of the re-envisioned MeLaB exhibition.

This enhanced exhibition, sponsored by Baptist Health, provides innovative ways for guests to connect with their health and wellbeing and now has so much to explore it has been spread across two levels in the museum’s West Wing.

Alongside live demonstrations there are new fun, interactive features to get visitors moving and experimenting including the Health Lab, where guests can step into the shoes of a health scientist and conduct experiments, and Crush the Calories, an action-packed game, where you slice as many fruits and vegetables as you can before the clock runs out with the goal of encouraging movement.

There are five interactive zones to explore (Eat, Move, Relax, Connect and Learn), each offering experiences that reveal the connection between your body and brain. Guests will be able to fill up a virtual plate with their favorite foods to find out how to balance calories in with calories out; take timed brain teaser challenges to see how they respond under pressure or sink into a relax pod to learn which music helps them unwind.

A highlight of the reimagined MeLaB is a thought-provoking Artificial Intelligence (AI) installation by UK artist Thomas Webb that was recently unveiled at SCOPE Miami Beach 2019. One of the largest versions of his sculptural invention, the “digital infinity mirror” will be on view for guests to experience and provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the choices that affect our mental health and wellness.

The piece is titled “I Like It When I See You In Person Because You Can’t Lie To Me Like You Do On The Internet” and focuses on our collective emotive responses. The installation uses facial recognition technology to react to facial expressions in real time and speaks to the real-life scenarios created through our daily use of technology and its impact on mental health.

MeLaB is a permanent exhibition located in the Baptist Health Galleries at Frost Science and admission is included with all museum admission tickets. Additional information on the exhibition can be found at

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