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Although it may seem a lie, the foods you eat are the cause of your mood, since having a balanced diet will cause you to be totally stable both physically, mentally and emotionally, or vice versa, if your diet is bad, prepare yourself to be in a bad mood Time, sad, complexed.
Orlando Jose Veloso, explains that the issue of food is something that we must constantly study, always keep in mind, because trying to take care of our food implies the fact that we will also be taking care of everything about us.
For this reason, it is important to know some important data to use when consuming or preparing our daily foods, and that is, the reality reflects that the extremes are not good, always the best option is to perform a balanced routine where they are present all foods, all products that do good to the body, and from time to time, those that do not do so much good but reflect pleasure for us.
All this, must be seen in terms of our body is in a constant search for balance, and this is achieved through food, so, maybe you have already realized that when you eat a lot of candy you you empalagas and then you don't want to eat anymore and you want to eat something salty to balance, well, that's exactly what the body is looking for.
For this reason, it is that as people we cannot consume a single food or a single food classification for a long time, because the body reacts to this and begins to ask for something different, with different flavor and different texture – says Orlando Jose Veloso Angola.
It is there when you have to realize the mood in which you are, because the candy helps to accelerate the level of sugar that often places the imperative people, there are foods that instead make the person sleepy, Then you will spend the day sleepy and it is not the idea either, that is why we tell you that you should seek a balance because the food you eat is the cause of your mood.
Now, Orlando Veloso tells us that by taking care of our food we are taking care of the fact of not getting worn out, that is, in the constant search for balance, the body strives so much that it begins to show wear that is visible to the naked eye, and with this, the nervous system begins to be affected, so in addition to having a bad mood you will also find yourself in a bad physical state, so that your bad diet will be noticed a few meters away.
All this that we have explained here, is already sufficient reason to realize that you should start to take care of your diet, to seek the perfect balance between food and to begin to change your life and your mood, because you must always remember, that The foods you eat are the cause of your mood, of the energy you radiate before others.

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