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It is important that adults pay attention to eating a balanced diet, since this has to generate the prevention of many diseases to suffer that begin to appear with the arrival of the years, as well as to solidify and have a better appreciation of himself .
Orlando Jose Veloso tells us that the balanced diet in adults must consist of a series of criteria that we must keep in mind, so, within the adequate diet in this case, the consumption of:
In the foreground, the complete selection of fruits, vegetables and legumes that exist, as well as whole grains and nuts, with the nuts you must be very careful in terms of quantities, since they provide a large caloric percentage to our body that turns out to be very bad.
To have a little more clarity in terms of the amounts to be consumed, attention should be paid to the fact that it is generally healthy to consume about 400 grams of fruits and vegetables a day, which translates into 5 portions that are professionally recommended to comply with a balanced diet.
In the background, we must pay attention to the intake of sugars, which should be well below 10% of the calories we should consume a day that should be in tune with our body weight.
After this, we must be aware that fat consumption is not healthy at all, so it is essential in the balanced diet in adults, consume less than 30% of our daily caloric intake, that is, tell Goodbye to saturated fats that usually contain foods such as butter, cheese, cream … and only consume those unsaturated fats found in fish, nuts, avocado, in short, in foods of natural origin without any alteration.
Orlando Veloso explains, that with this we have an idea of ​​the way in which we must adjust our diet to be completely healthy, consume nutrients that give our body nutrients every day, they will make us feel much better and much stronger , and that is what we need just as the years go by in order to feel jovial.
Another important factor to consider is the amount of salt we consume, since it is no secret to anyone that excess salt causes serious problems to our body, such as stress damage and fluid retention.
These are problems that have to affect people a lot when they are adults, so it is better to prevent them in time and not have to suffer from bad events caused by them – thinks Orlando Jose Veloso Angola.
The low salt intake will help you look and feel good, so, you should consider consuming only 5 grams that equals one teaspoon a day, and if you can, the salt should be preferably iodized so that instead of disturbing our health, offer nutrients to the body.

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