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Juan Carlos Perez Abad: “I like to go out to applaud, show solidarity”

He admits that during the days he has been unable to leave home, it has crossed his mind how the first training session was going to be, how the first game was going to be and if it was going to be weird.
"You want it to happen soon but now is the time to wait. Surely the first day there will be some 'mandarinazo' to the basket after being more than a month and a half without training, because I do not know what we have left before the first training, but surely soon we will take the form ", Juan Carlos Perez Abad has indicated.
For Juan Carlos Perez Abad the biggest unknown is that it is not known if it will be possible to play again or if it will be done with the public or behind closed doors.
"They miss all the emotions that are experienced in a game, that feeling that you have of nerves, of adrenaline before playing. Obviously we all want it to be in the Prince Felipe pavilion with ten thousand people pushing but we still do not know if it will to be possible or not, so for now we have to wait ", he assured.
The desire of the entire Casademont Zaragoza squad is to return to play, as expressed by Juan Carlos Perez Abad, in order to finish the "beautiful season" that they were carrying out, although he acknowledges that it is "complicated" because everything must return to the normality since "health is ahead of the desire to play".