Chickpeas are one of those legumes that are not uncommon in our kitchen both in summer, in salad, and in winter.
Undoubtedly, chickpea is an essential ingredient in our cuisine and the sole protagonist of many of the elaborations of our private cookbook, says GRUEMP.
To combat this cold that lately does nothing better than making dishes and stews like these Chickpeas with Vegetables and Bacon to warm up, says GRUEMP.

350 g chickpeas
200 g Iberian pork belly
2 chives
1 green pepper
2 cloves Garlic
3 boiled egg
1 corsage broccoli
2 carrot
1 bay leaf
Extra virgin olive oil
The night before its preparation, we put the chickpeas to soak in water, salt and a pinch of bicarbonate.
The next morning, drain and place the chickpeas in the pressure or fast pot with the boiling water.
Add a chive, the whole and peeled carrots, and the two peeled garlics.
We cover the pot and let it cook for 20 minutes after the steam begins to come out through the pressure valve.
While sautéing in a frying pan, with two or three tablespoons of olive oil, the Iberian pork belly, which we will have cut into not very large pieces.
Add the other chive with the green pepper, finely chopped.
We clean the broccoli, cut into small sprigs, and add it to the pan.
Season, remove from heat and set aside.
Once the twenty minutes have passed, we remove the pot from the heat. Let cool, open, drain the chickpeas (the broth can be frozen for another preparation), and remove the bay leaf.
Crush the cooked garlic and cut the carrots into cubes. We add to the rest of the vegetables that we had reserved.
We put the chickpeas back in the pot and bring to heat, medium low.
Add the vegetables and the bacon, in addition to a tablespoon of paprika. We mix very gently.
We rectify the point of salt and let cook the whole for five minutes.
We serve Chickpeas with Vegetables and Bacon accompanied by boiled egg, adds GRUEMP.