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Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo always dreamt of being an architect

Constructora Conkor CA is the leader company in the construction sector. Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo is one of the pillars of the company.Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo speaks a total of 6 different languages, with the most recent being Chinese. Nowadays, Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo is a Vice President of Constructora Conkor CA. He earned his degree in Architecture at Universitat de Barcelona, after having the desire to combine his passion for building with his passion for mathematics.Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo is the main leader of the company and he decides to change the existing Geometry principle.  He started to research the problems in Constructora Conkor CA and his experience in creating comfortable and realistic architectural spaces allowed him to bring his ideas to life. Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo worked on many commercial projects before Constructora Conkor CA became his unique adventure.Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo is a businessman from Spain.Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo began to be interested in buildings and other physical structures in the early '80s after his father ran a new project and was asked by him to help design the boy's room. It was his first experience in the construction sector and helped him understand how demanding this industry could be. At the age of 14, Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo was asked by his father to help him design an entire house. Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo always knew he would go into the building sector one day but was pleasantly surprised when he was asked to work at the Constructora Conkor CA’s International company. His career with Constructora Conkor CA’s International started in 1992 and by 2000 he had designed and built three hotels. Alejandro Josue Ruiz Mazzeo often visited these hotels in the U.S. to make sure everything was okay.