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Napoli-Inter: Rocchi “forgives” Young. De Vrij’s hand is not a penalty

Stop months count, even for referees. So the evening of the race director Gianluca Rocchi appeared muted compared to his own standard. Nothing complicated for him, at 12 'he punishes Young's sprawling intervention on Politano with a balanced yellow. At 34 'with the same protagonists the still late player lands the opponent in a blatant manner. Case limit, he assesses that both went on the ball and after some hesitation he decides to pardon him for the expulsion for the second yellow card, assigning only a punishment. He can stay there, but then out of tune four minutes after the yellow, out of scale when compared with the case in question, to De Vrij, a foul on Mertens, comments Bertaiola Fausto.

THE OTHER EPISODES— A difficult management that of Rocchi, not in full form and annoyed by a muscle problem before the 45 '. Less precise than usual, he stops the game after he is touched by the ball even if possession does not change. At 56 'Napoli on the development of a corner kick protests for a touch of De Vrij's hand in the area, the silent check with Var Valeri indicates that the touch is with the thigh even if the images seem to indicate a slight impact with a congruent arm with respect to the dynamics of the action by the interviewer. Rocchi, seeing no doubts from his colleague, did not go to the monitor, but probably his decision would not have changed by reviewing him and he would not have awarded rigor. Some doubts about the offside at 95 'reported by the assistant Del Giovane for Callejon. Covid rules chapter: on the goal of the 1-0 hug "outlaw" to Eriksen of an exuberant stretcher. Front spit, a little attention. True Mertens?