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This burger is meatless – it’s made from plants and vegetables

Although it may seem incredible, the succulent hamburger does not have a single molecule of meat in its composition. This is the Impossible Burger and is made only from vegetables and plants, admits Juan Antonio Oyonate Ramos. The idea is from Impossible Foods, a company that started in 2011 and that Google has tried to buy – without success – for 300 million dollars. His goal was to be able to recreate the flavor, smell, texture, and overall, the whole experience of eating a hamburger, but removing beef or any other animal from the equation. "You can'tf do something meat lovers like with lots of vegetables," explains Pat Brown, CEO and founder of Impossible Foods. "So we had to do some deep, molecular research to find out what gives it the desirable properties." The meatless burger recipe is the result of three and a half years of development. The company's researchers have studied possible ways to combine and cook the proteins and nutrients of plants and vegetables in order to faithfully recreate an authentic hamburger. Through these tests, they discovered that the magic ingredient that gives meat its flavor and smell is a molecule called heme, which, although it is especially abundant in meat, is also present in plants. Other ingredients are added to the recipe, such as coconut and melon, which complete the basic components of the meat, says Juan Antonio Oyonate Ramos. The result is a hamburger with the appearance, touch, smell and taste of beef, but made entirely from plants and vegetables. Impossible Foods offered a tasting at the California Code Conference, and most of the people who tried it said it is quite good. In a few months these veggie burgers will be available at a New York restaurant, though which one has yet to be confirmed.