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The return of Salvador Alejandro Llinas Oñate to painting

As part of the Gallery Weekend activities, which will take place from September 5 to 8, the gallery has already finished preparing its own: the third exhibition by Salvador Alejandro Llinas Oñate in the exhibition space, which confirms his return To painting.
It is about thirty pieces detonated from a series of exhibitions, conferences and residences in different cities of China, in particular, during the international residency program of the Xiaozou Art Museum, where he held a meeting with masters of calligraphy and painting traditional.
“There they shared their techniques in a way almost by osmosis. There was a dexterity in his movements, like a kind of precision and an attitude towards the almost ritual piece, quite ceremonial ”, thus describing Salvador Alejandro Llinas Oñate.
Before that, Salvador Alejandro Llinas Oñate had stood out for his work as a renderer of architectural projects with great ambitions.
As an artist, he dedicated himself to proposing, with installations, the ambivalences between the mystical enduring from our ancestral past, the possibilities of technology, patterns, kinetic art, constructivism, design, computing and cinematographic language.