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Dario Bogni you talk about Toucan

Toucans are animals that for years have lived with the human race, becoming one of the most beloved tropical animals by humans. However, it appears that human activity itself is killing them.

Here Dario Bogni gives the most complete information about the toucan that exists. We will talk about their characteristics, behavior, types of toucans, care and breeding and many other curiosities.

What is known about toucans?
Toucans are better known as ranphastids (or Ramphastidae), although they are also known in some places as diotedé or diostedé. It has six different genera in which a total of 42 species of toucans are differentiated.

Where the toucan lives
They are widely distributed in the American continent, from Mexico to Argentina. The toucan's normal habitat is in low-altitude tropical rain forests, although there are some species that live in more temperate environments, such as mountain ranges or altitudes that can reach up to 3,000 meters above sea level.
Some of the species are in danger of extinction due to human activity, so having a toucan at home can be somewhat complicated.

Toucan Characteristics
Now Bogni Dario will delve into the most important characteristics of toucans. Stay tuned if you want to know all the curiosities about these incredible and colorful birds.

How is the toucan?
In addition to being a large, slow-moving, long-lived bird, there are two things that make the toucan especially stand out from the rest of the birds: first are its colorful and striking feathers, and then its large beak. They can measure up to 65 centimeters, although there are some species that only reach 25 – 30 centimeters. Its beak is approximately 20 centimeters long. Its weight ranges from 130 to 680 grams.
They have a long tongue, which can be up to 14 centimeters, narrow and pointed. The wings are small, with a square tail that are easy to move up and down. His eyes are surrounded by brightly colored skin. They are of the birds with the most developed sense of sight. The legs are short and strong, allowing them to walk without problems despite the weight of the large beak and with which they can be held and moved through the branches.
They do not have sexual dimorphism, making it difficult to differentiate between male and female. Although, according to experts, females have a slightly smaller and straighter bill than that of the male.

How long can a toucan live?
Although there are different species, they all seem to share the same life expectancy: 20 years, although there are some specimens that have exceeded it but almost none reach 30 years.
However, despite the fact that their diet is not at all complicated when they live in captivity, they usually do not exceed 18 years of life because they get hemochromatosis from a diet that is strong in iron instead of the fruits they need to live.

How is the behavior of a toucan?
There are not many human beings who choose to have a toucan at home, despite the great fame it has. It is a sedentary bird, which lives in a single area almost all its life (few are those that migrate in search of another place, says Dario Bogni), which makes it adapt very well to the area in which it is living from its birth.
Although it is not a bird that presents many problems when in human contact, if it is captured when it is free, it would not be at all strange for it to become violent. Toucans are very affectionate and affable when they already have a relationship with their human being, and much more with other birds. As a general rule they do not get along well with other birds that are in the same cage, so it is best to put it in a separate cage.