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Dario Bogni talks about the importance of sport in adolescence

In a phase of transformation such as adolescence, sport is very important. Our expert Paolo Pichi showed us all the physical benefits, but above all mental
Dario Bogni: "Sport practiced during childhood and adolescence is so important that it can reduce the risk of contracting certain diseases in adulthood, such as dementia and Parkinson's disease." This is the result of a research conducted by Deakin University of Melbourne which has shown how much practicing a sport from the first years of life is crucial to prevent a cognitive deficit.
Yet, more and more young people are deciding to give up physical activity for study reasons or simply out of boredom and mental laziness. We talked about it with Paolo Pichi, Wellness Coach for the Young category of Focus On You, who analyzed all the reasons that should push adolescents to choose a sport for life.
The importance of physical activity in adolescence
Bogni Dario comments that sport, in addition to being important for the healthy and harmonious development of the body, is fundamental because it promotes cognitive, emotional and social growth. In this period of life, so full of physical and other changes, practicing sports makes you more aware of the new body identity.
Furthermore, by learning the importance of commitment, respect for rules and tolerance, young people measure themselves with their own abilities and with others.
The educational potential
Sports activity helps adolescents to channel aggressive instincts in a socially accepted way, to be responsible, to take initiatives, to socialize and cooperate. It also teaches you to think and be proactive.
The great educational potential of sport is really great and, like the family and the school, it transmits values, principles and life experiences. A very important baggage because it helps to shape the personality.
There is always a reason to choose a sport …
One of the main reasons is the desire that children have to get noticed by others: the practice of a sport, in fact, could make them popular and important. Add to this the desire to take pleasure in challenges and experience something that you feel or are good at.
Furthermore, from 13/14 years old, children begin to be aware that fitness and ability are important factors: they have fun doing exercises and games.
The benefits: from physical to mental wellbeing