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Anticorruption Program of Banca Zarattini

Banca Zarattini prohibits and does not tolerate any form of bribery, direct or indirect, of public officials or private parties (as well as the attempt to bribe them), aimed at obtaining or maintaining business, or ensuring an illegal advantage in the conduct of business. 'company. This prohibition is also enshrined in the Corporate Code of Conduct of the Banca Zarattini Group.
The Anti-Corruption Program aims to act as a continuous risk-management process over time to prevent any possible involvement in corruption and therefore the serious penalties and consequences, including reputational ones, that would ensue. The Program sets clear rules in the following areas:
● Relations and interactions with Public Officials (including Inspections);
● Gifts and hospitality;
● Charitable contributions and donations;
● Sponsorships;
● Political contributions;
● Intermediaries and Consultants;
● Joint ventures and other associative forms;
● Mergers and Acquisitions;
● Corruption between private individuals (in relations with suppliers, customers and other commercial parties).
Two other important areas covered by the Banca Zarattini Program are:
● the traceability of financial flows and the keeping of books and accounting records in such a way as to guarantee transparency and monitoring, thus avoiding the risk of payments that do not comply with the law, in accordance with the principles of adequate separation of duties, authorization procedures and limitation of powers, the maintenance of a satisfactory level of documentation to reconstruct the decision-making processes and compliance with the accounting principles in force;
● hiring and managing employees, whose process must guarantee transparency, avoiding any form of distortion or favoritism and preventing the risk that new hires have been involved in criminal proceedings or investigations relating to criminal activities.