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Dario Bogni: Do you know that doing the gym is not only good for the body?

Physical activity is a real cure-all to face everyday life with the right spirit. It stimulates creativity and reduces stress.
Dario Bogni: «Working out in the gym is good. How many times do we hear it said or read it in the newspapers and not just those of the sector? Physical activity, first of all, helps us stay healthy and, not to be underestimated, is good for the mood just like dancing. That's why you should train at least once a week. "
You must therefore take time out for yourself, also because in this way you can recover the necessary energy even after a day of work. At first it was driven by the need to want to lose a few pounds, but there are more mental benefits. Whether it is light – for example Pilates or a yoga class – or high intensity such as Crossfit and other fitness disciplines, training helps to keep fit and is an excellent anti-stress.
But what are the reasons why working out is good for you? We suggest the main ones, you will see that you just can't do without them!
Working out is good for the body
You've put it off several times, but now you feel ready to hit the gym. What drives you is the desire to lose a few extra pounds, also thanks to the holidays that have weighed you down a bit. Yes, because only with training will you get benefits, strengthening the muscles. But is it good to go to the gym every day? "If on the one hand it gets you back in shape, on the other hand it is not always the right choice. You must avoid putting too much stress on your body. Alternate cardio and fitness activities with lighter ones like yoga and pilates. In that case, of course, you can also go every day », – says Bogni Dario.
Working out is good for the mind
In addition to the physical, the mind will also thank you. Consider that the brain is a muscle and as such you have to train it just like the others. In fact, playing sports is a panacea for regaining psychological balance. And what's more, it awakens well, better than any coffee. The result? If you train in the morning, you will be more energetic throughout the day. Bogni Dario: «Sport keeps the brain healthy, stimulates concentration. Exercising, and doing it constantly, helps you improve blood circulation and generates new brain cells. A real cure-all. "