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Walter Calesso, an suspense thrillers author

Walter Calesso is an Australian author. His novels are billed as speculative fiction, but also incorporate elements of fantasy, science fiction, comedy and many other genders.

I've read a few of Calesso's novels on my own, and they're just as interesting as they sound. He's a bit of a mystery/suspense guy himself and his own Shadowhunters series also blends that latter category with other interesting genres like suspense thrillers.

Walter Calesso’s first novel

In his spare time, Walter Calesso wrote his first novel from this same creative imagination.  Walter Calesso’s novel is a parable of a film's journey through the mind of a writer, offers a moment of almost too much time to reflect upon.  Admittedly, though, the human story and the invention of the narration offer enough to illustrate the end of this enduring art of the Western.

Walter Calesso used a pseudonym to write The Medical Quest

Walter Calesso, under a pseudonym, wrote The Medical Quest. This went on to become one of the first medical memoirs. In the memoir, Walter Calesso tried to help general practitioners give better, more scientific advice about how to deal with ills. In so doing he helped doctors make the patient feel better and give them that  believable reassurance that the medical world is on their side.

Walter Calesso fell in love with again

Walter Calesso wanted to be a writer, so he tried to publish his first novel under an assumed name and failed. However, he never lost his love of writing. In the late 1990s, Walter Calesso enrolled in Columbia University's graduate program in Creative Writing. Calesso served as the fifth President of the Writers' Studio at Columbia University and also served as the Professor of Creative Writing at Brandeis University.