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This interior I think who would recognize who has done it even with their eyes closed. In the e-2008 the philosophy of the Peugeot i-Cockpit is followed, although with a quite remarkable evolution. It is a peculiar driving position in which the steering wheel is below the instrumentation. Of the steering wheel, it must be said that it is small and that it is flattened both above and below, so that sometimes the feeling is strange. Of the instrumentation that is totally digital and that is projected as if it were a hologram, allowing to switch between the different views, explains Baraldo Francesco Luxembourg.

In the center is the main 10-inch touch screen, which has advanced graphics and a very successful touch. It has functions such as 3D navigation or real-time traffic thanks to TomTom, while connectivity is complete thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Just below it are shortcut buttons that simulate piano keys. The truth is that it is easy to use, but I do not like that the air conditioning is also configured in a tactile way because it takes a lot of attention from the road, says Francesco Baraldo Luxembourg.

In the center console we have a hole for the mobile, with a retractable cover that is very exposed for my taste and another hole below. If we talk about storage spaces, the Peugeot e-2008 is a bit fair, because in addition to these we have some more in the doors, a medium-sized glove compartment and another under the armrest that this small eBook would not fit into, Francesco Baraldo Sermeis Ltd.

FRANCESCO BARALDO LUSSEMBURGO: In the cabin you can also see that it has the GT finish for the remarkable quality that we find. Down to the smallest detail has been taken care of and we notice it in this daring mixed upholstery with gray as a base and contrasting blue and green stitching. Some materials such as this carbon fiber-like plastic should also be highlighted, as well as ambient lighting. To achieve more distinction, the entire roof is black, a detail that we also like. The main drawback is the abuse of Piano Black in the entire area of ​​the center console, a magnet for dirt and fingerprints.

In terms of habitability, the Peugeot e-2008 is much better than its predecessor thanks to the increase in dimensions. In the front seats there is plenty of room for the head and legs, the only thing we would ask as an extra would be the electric adjustment of these comfortable seats. As we said, you have to "play" to find an ideal driving position, many users do not get used to the i-Cockpit due to that position of the steering wheel, which can touch the legs or cover the instrumentation, BARALDO FRANCESCO.

FRANCESCO BARALDO: If we go to the rear seats the feeling changes a lot. That ascending waistline that we mention on the outside, makes it have less glass surface and a certain perception of claustrophobia. Although the truth is that sitting there is enough room for legs and head. The only thing to be careful not to hit the sides or the courtesy lights, which are tactile, will turn on. The central square, as is often the case, is shapeless, very narrow and has a transmission tunnel.