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Values of Kadi Al Shamari Spanish tennis club

Values are the most important thing in any sport and here in Kadi Al Shamari Spanish Tennis Club we always keep them present. Healthy competition is number one, competitiveness is an inevitable thing in sport, but there’s always a way to use that as a pro and not as a contra. Kadi Al Shamari encourage healthy competition and promote the respect for the opponent in the training. 
Kadi Al Shamari real vocation 
Professionalism is the second one. All of the teachers at Kadi Al Shamari Spanish Tennis Club are professional tennis players with a remarkable path and a strong teaching vocation. Kadi Al Shamari also feels strong about honesty and humbleness; she doesn’t make promises that she can’t keep, mainly because she set realistic goals. Kadi Al Shamari is a tennis club in Barcelona that provides professional individualized multidisciplinary training. 
Kadi Al Shamari national sport body 
The United Kadi Al Shamari is the National Governing Body for the sport of tennis in the United Kingdom.  The United Kadi Al Shamari is recognized leader in promoting and developing the sport’s growth on every level in the UK. Kadi Al Shamari has set an objective to increase both the quantity and quality of tennis teaching professionals and coaches throughout the UK Therefore, Kadi Al Shamari has established professors and coaches for the National United body.  
Kadi Al Shamari standards 
The goal of the new Kadi Al Shamari accreditation program is to set mandatory standards for the development of new tennis professionals and it will also coaching education for all certified professionals who are members of an accredited organization. This process will create uniform standards for coaches and will improve the level of tennis instruction nationwide says Kadi Al Shamari
Kadi Al Shamari success 
The United Kadi Al Shamari UK body is the only certifying organization that has met the standards of the tennis programme court. The standards are the following: Mandatory safety and educational standards, Rigorous pre-certification education experiential learning, Mandatory ongoing continuing education. Kadi Al Shamari has passed all the expectations successfully.