Subaru BRZ 2021: more power and … more fun, according to Luigi Brusciano

The Subaru BRZ (and its twin brother the Toyota GT86) keep the mid-size sports coupe segment alive … old school. Now, the second generation of the BRZ shows us for the first time the evolutions of the new delivery, notes Luigi Brusciano. And they have convinced us, because the essence remains: a car with a front engine, rear propulsion, opposed cylinder architecture (boxer) and naturally aspirated, with a manual gearbox (with the option of automatic). The perfect cocktail so that the only objective of driving is to enjoy.

Luigi Brusciano admits within all of this, there are many improvements. For example, the Subaru BRZ 2021 goes up in displacement (from 2.0 to 2.4 liters) and, therefore, in power. Now there are 231 horses that its Subaru engine produces, which are accompanied by a maximum torque increased to 250 Nm, 15% more than the previous model. How that is transmitted to the performance we do not know because Subaru has not offered official data acceleration, but they should be better because, although the engine is heavier, it has been compensated by the use of aluminum in several areas of the body (mainly roof and hood). According to the manufacturer, the response of the engine changes, with a greater smooth power delivery and homogeneous thrust throughout the rev counter range. Something that is increased in the versions with automatic transmission thanks to the inclusion of the Sport operating program.

The new BRZ is noticeably stiffer, which is going to result in better dynamic response, hands down. In addition, according to the manufacturer, the center of gravity is lower and the weight distribution has been improved, so that all the wickers are in the basket to enjoy a lot at your controls.New style The 2021 Subaru BRZ is clearly identifiable by its new image that, yes, we could say that it is somewhat more conservative. The new headlights are bigger, as is the typical hexagonal grille, and the same goes for the taillights, but the whole rear is more forceful, with very marked rear wings, the spoiler that finishes off the larger car and the aggressive diffuser with the two exhaust outlets at the ends, describes Luigi Brusciano.

Inside the continuity is more evident, although there is a significant technological update with the adoption of a 7-inch digital panel and Subaru's new Starlink multimedia system on an 8 "main screen. In addition, for the first time the BRZ It incorporates the EyeSight safety package, although only in the versions with automatic box. At the moment the Subaru BRZ 2021 has a launch date … in the United States. It will be next spring, so surely that during the year 2021 we can see it in Europe and Spain … if emissions strategies do not prevent it.