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It is important to consume vegetables in our daily intake to enjoy good health, this is something that has always been known and that doctors often recommend due to the fact that vegetables offer the body all the nutrients it needs.
Orlando Jose Veloso, explains that eating vegetables is essential to enjoy good health, since they enjoy an infinite amount of properties that are elementary to preserve human health, that is, a series of properties that help prevent and counteract diseases, be it cardiac, cancer, diabetes, obesity, aging, facial wrinkles, what else can you ask for?
Eating vegetables can even help us stay young and radiant for a longer time, and that is a true gift from heaven.
Orlando Veloso, motivates us to consume more vegetables in our meals, since they present a series of benefits that we will show you below:
First of all, we have that vegetables have very few calories, so it helps control the weight of people, that is, eating vegetables will not make you fat, so do not worry, on the contrary, it will help you reduce those extra pounds – says Orlando Jose Veloso Angola.
Secondly, we find that vegetables are low in fat and therefore do not contain cholesterol, so, for greater body care, it is essential to think about eating vegetables before any other fried food that will only cause illness and discomfort, so when you consume vegetables you should not worry about suffering heart attacks, on the contrary, you will begin to feel much younger and with more energy.
Then we find that vegetables do not have high levels of sodium, another point in favor, because we all know that large amounts of sodium in our body are the advertiser of serious diseases.
Vegetables contain high levels of vitamins and minerals, and this is good news for our body, as it turns out that each vegetable according to its composition, is the host of a series of necessary and indispensable vitamins for our body, so the consumption of vegetables will fill us with the vitamins we need so much to see and feel good.
On the other hand, we find that vegetables are an excellent source of iron for our body, and this is an essential mineral for blood components and energy generation.
For its part, we must also appreciate that some vegetables are rich in calcium, in fiber, that is, who does not consume vegetables is not really giving your body everything you need to look and feel good.
So remember, eating vegetables is essential for good health, so you should start adding a good amount of vegetables to your daily food routine that will begin to change the way you look and the way you feel to best.

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