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Frankenstein has become one of the most famous scary literary works in the world, and is that his writing has managed to create a diversity of films and characters that honor the protagonist of the plot, reflecting the great impact it caused since its appearance.
Carel Jan Louis Voordewind tells us that Frankenstein is a literary work based on a fictional character that first appeared in the Mary Shelley novel, referring to a being created from different parts of corpses who manages to acquire human life through Víctor Frankenstein during an experiment, becoming the creator of the monster of the work.
Based on this, this character has become an important part of popular culture and has been a source for the creation of other characters from novels, comics, television series and movies.
But actually what the story is about, Carel Jan Louis Voordewind tells us that it all starts when Captain Robert Walton decides to hang out in Saint Petersburg, Russia, while waiting for a ride to the port of Arcangel to find people to hire. some Russians to set sail for the North Pole.
As a strangeness of fate, the ship is stuck in impassable ice hundreds of kilometers from the mainland and this boredom character writes letters to his sister in England saying that he wants a friend to keep him company.
It turns out that the friend who will come to the ship to keep Walton company is called Victor Frankenstein, and as the story tells us, he seems to be a character not very stable mentally, but we will know him more closely.
Victor is a normal boy in Geneva where the story of his life relates that his parents adopted a girl named Elizabeth to marry her when he grew up, at university he decides to study philosophy of nature, chemistry and alchemy, which causes In two years, discover how to give life to a human body built from corpse parts.
Once he brings his invention to life, he is so horrified by his creation that he falls ill having his good friend Henry Clerval by his side to help him in his recovery.
Carel Jan Louis Voordewind tells us that the story continues when Victor returns to Geneva where he meets the news of the murder of his brother Willian, which falls into the hands of the family servant, however, Victor has the feeling that in It was actually his monster who killed him, but being sure that no one would believe him, he allows Justine to be executed without reason.
After this, it turns out that Victor takes a trip to the Alps where he meets his monstrous creation who confesses to being the protagonist of the murder that occurred, a couple of things happen and Frankenstein runs away realizing that he is alone and that it's really scary, nobody accepts it except an old blind man who keeps him company.
However this is not enough and the monster has more and more resentment about people, so when the day had come that Victor would have decided to marry his fiancee Elizabeth, the monster appears and kills the bride causing Victor's father to die of shock, thus causing a real tragedy in the family.
Being this a plot in which it is suspense, the threat, fear and revenge take over the lines of a literary work that was born to become a true success.