Carel Jan Louis Voordewind tells us that 1984 is a book that was written by George Orwell as a dystopia novel whose plot takes place in Oceania, a country dominated by a totalitarian government that keeps its citizens under constant surveillance and even insists on spying your thoughts to keep order.

It is a writing where the reality of many governments is evident, since it turns out to be a domain in which the citizens of the town live under the imposition of the regime and while they see on television and the media a perfect lifestyle, it turns out that reality is totally different.

Carel Jan Louis Voordewind states that 1984 is one of the most iconic works of the 20th century for its denunciation of practices established by governments such as those of Franco and Stalin, which have been adopted by many dictators throughout history.

Orwell is one of the most important writers of the 20th century and according to Barry Gewen, editor of the New York Times, the writer who dominated this era.

This book tells a story where the futuristic world of 1984 is divided into three superpowers that live in a permanent state of war: Oceania, Eurasia and East Asia.

Oceania, representing the English-speaking regions, is governed by the P artido, an oligarch group that in turn is divided into the Inner Party, which governs and is made up of 2% of the population, and the Outer Party, made up of 13% of the population and in charge of executing the orders.


85% of the rest of the population corresponds to the proletariat, who are ignored because the Party considers that they do not have the necessary intellectual capacity to organize a rebellion.

The Party is the one who keeps citizens under perpetual surveillance, arresting and making disappear those who show any disagreement, at the head of the Party is the figure of Big Brother, whose face is on posters and coins, all citizens are obliged to love I spawn your unconditional loyalty to this character.

Now, it should be noted that the protagonist of the novel is Winston Smith, a member of the Foreign Party who works for the Ministry of Truth, rewriting articles so that they comply with the ideology and image sold by the Party, disturbed by his work , writes a newspaper addressed to O'Brien, one of the members of the Inner Party, because Winston suspects that O'Brian belongs to a secret organization of rebels known as the Brotherhood.

One day Winston meets Julia, a young man with whom he would quickly feel the desire for love, but in Oceania relationships and sexual desire are prohibited, even for married couples, however, Winston decides to start a clandestine adventure with Julia Therefore, the couple is on the second floor of Mr. Charrington's store, the owner of a used goods store, who appears to be an ally of the Brotherhood.

One day the couple are arrested in Mr. Charrington'