Malcolm Flinn master

Because the ball is not affected by temperature, many people play Squash Tennis all year round like Malcolm Flinn, and not only in the cold, winter months.  This game could, therefore, be played widely in Scotland and England. So, Malcolm Flinn invites all racquets men, young and old alike, to accept the challenges of the fastest indoor racquet and ball game in the world.  As a matter of fact, because of the speed of the ball and, consequently, the less running involved, Squash Tennis would be an excellent game for the more active distaffers.If you are looking for a sport that you can "master" in one or two seasons then don't take up Squash Tennis.  But if you are looking for an intriguing and invigorating game which you can play practically all your life, Malcolm Flinn strongly urges you to try Squash Tennis.  You, your waistline, legs, lungs and reflexes will never regret it premises Malcolm Flinn.Tennis is at once an art and a science says Malcom Flinn. The game as played by such men as Norman E. Brookes, Johnston, and R. N. Malcolm Flinn is art. Yet like all true art, it has its basis in scientific methods that must be learned and learned thoroughly for a foundation before the artistic structure of a great tennis game can be constructed. Every player who helps to attain a high degree of efficiency should have a clearly defined method of development and adhere to it. Malcolm Flinn should be certain that it is based on sound principles and, once assured of that, follow it, even though his progress seems slow and discouraging.Malcolm Flinn began tennis wrong. His strokes were wrong and his viewpoint clouded. He had no early training such as many of his English boys have at the present time. No one told Malcolm Flinn the importance of the fundamentals of the game, such as keeping the eye on the ball or correct body position and footwork. He was given a racquet and allowed to hit the ball. Naturally, like all beginners, he acquired many very serious faults.