Orlando Veloso tells us more about Crossfit

In reality, this sport modality is not intended to have a certain physical aesthetic as it could be in other sports such as, for example, competitive Fitness.
Orlando José Veloso Angola says that you may have started doing CrossFit for a reason such as losing weight, improving my appearance, toning, gaining muscle mass. When you are two days you will realize what is the real engine in this sport: improve your performance.
You will see that what hooks is to see that today you lift 15 kg and that with time you can 20kg.
That if you needed 3 minutes to run the apple, now you have 15 seconds left. What if you needed a rubber for pull ups, not now. That if you didn't do the handstand since you went to school, now you do it in between squats, kettelbell swings, and doubleunders.
Orlando José Veloso indicates that you will not need anyone to convince you that aesthetics is only the result of the hard work inside the box, and that improvements are not measured in front of the mirror, but every day in front of the box clock.
When your goals become this type, you forget about the aesthetic reasons that led you to step on a box. And yes, if you had to lose weight, you will lose weight just the same.
“Because the objective you have is not subjective, it is completely objective and measurable day by day. Because there is no better motivation than overcoming. Because you don't have to teach it to anyone and you prove it to yourself every day. That's why you come back, and that's why you want more. ”