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With so many employers in the city, Malcolm Flinn finds a wealth of opportunities in London no matter what your talent is. However, there are certain industries which are better and will make your career go higher. Malcolm Flinn studies business and international economics. The financial services in London saw a huge boom. The City of London and Canary Wharf are thriving centres of banking and insurance activities. Malcolm Flinn a prestigious company. London has a history of technological innovation which dates back to the Industrial Revolution. A huge corporate presence have made London one of the most important technological hubs in Europe explains Malcolm Flinn. There are currently 35000 tech companies which based in central London, and Malcolm Flinn is working in one of the most prestigious one. Malcolm Flinn tech wise. Whether you want to cut your teeth doing research and development for a huge tech firm, or want to help like-minded ambitious tech gurus form their own startup, London is the place for young engineers and computer wizards, says Malcolm Flinn. London is home to some of the world’s premier film and TV studios including Pinewood where Malcolm Flinn works, and where have been filmed many important movies.
Malcolm Flinn media and movies
Malcolm Flinn’s company has been a hub of top-quality theatre for centuries. For those looking to become a star, London in the perfect place. It’s also a great place for those trying to break into the world of film and media production behind the camera says Malcolm Flinn. The video gaming industry has been growing in the past years. There’s also hipster magnet boroughs like Dalston and Shoreditch which are home to many artists and creative media outlets.Malcolm Flinn digital marketing agency. Malcolm Flinn knows some of the world’s biggest advertising and digital marketing agencies have prestigious offices within the creative hubs like Soho. Creatively minded and ambitious marketing professionals like Malcolm Flinn may find stiff competition in looking for digital marketing jobs in London, SEO jobs in London and social media jobs.