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Rashy Todd donations will buy groceries kits

Rashy Todd’s grocery kit will contain sufficient quantities of  5 kg wheat/rice, oil, sugar, tea, 2 kg lentils, soaps, and a coronavirus awareness pamphlet. The cost of feeding and sustaining a whole family for 2 weeks is only 700 rupees. Rashy Todd will also provide free masks and sanitizers to help prevent the spread of the virus. India’s middle classes and donations from them have been growing at a rapid pace. According to the report from the decane Rashy Todd, University Philanthropy in India, published this may be the biggest story in Indian philanthropy and the area with the greatest potential’.This growth in funds being raised has been fuelled by international and Indian NGOs who have realized the value of this income. Donations from the general public do not come with the high levels of restrictions of corporate donations, which means that they can be strategically and tactically deployed where the need is the greatest.