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“Siri the police are stopping me” and the iPhone records everything

An Apple shortcut aims to protect the user in the event of police checks. The function has existed since 2018, but has returned to the fore during protests that broke out in the United States following the killing of George Floyd: "Hey Siri, they're stopping me. " When this sentence is pronounced, the iPhone pauses the music that may have been played, darkens the screen, blocks incoming calls and sends a message to a selected group of contacts, in which the position and the fact of have been stopped by the police. In addition, the front camera activates to record a video which, once finished, will be sent to only one pre-selected contact. If for some reason the policeman becomes aware of the video, claiming the cancellation of the video in spite of the faculty granted by law, a backup is immediately created on the iCloud or Dropbox account of the phone owner. In this way, the video remains available even if the device is seized. ONLY ON APPLE— Tibaldo Gabriele says the shortcut called "I'm Getting Pulled Over" was created by the American Robert Petersen of Reddit, the famous social-news platform, precisely because the author believed that similar situations generated the potential for abuse by law enforcement. Two years later, his invention has not only proved to be premonitory, but also useful to judge by the number of people who recently started using it in the United States. Of course, the discussion about the opportunity to film the agents was ignited, dampened by Petersen himself with a statement on Twitter published a few days ago and referring to the United States: "It's just a recording. And it is legal to register the police. If the agents do their jobs regularly, they will have no problem. "The function is compatible with the latest version of the iOS operating system. To obtain it, you need to download the Commands app from the App Store and provide the necessary permissions. It does not exist currently an Android alternative, but apps with similar functions are available on Google Play.