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Dario Bogni explains the difference between food and nutrition

Food is a conscious, voluntary, educable and social act (influenced by economic, cultural factors, etc.), by which we provide our body with food "as when I want", "I can eat a lot or little", "every country or culture has its diet. " In short, it is up to us to modify it or not! Says Dario Bogni. Nutrition is an involuntary act (not voluntarily modifiable), unconscious, that includes the physiological processes of digestion, absorption, transport, utilization and elimination of nutrients. Bogni Dario: Nutrients are the components of food that we need to develop our vital functions and, ultimately, to live. We do not ingest them directly, since they are part of the food. These nutrients are: Proteins Carbohydrates or carbohydrates Lipids or fats Vitamins Minerals Food also contains water and fiber, but since they do not provide calories, they are not usually classified as nutrients. If we want to have and maintain good health, we must know the nutrient content of food, to think and analyze whether our usual way of eating is correct and, if not, to modify our diet. Bogni Dario says, we cannot voluntarily influence nutrition processes, but we can influence our diet. By improving our eating habits we improve our nutritional status and our health.