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The fashion app to lose weight that sweeps millions of people

Given the problems they have experienced to go to the gym, many have chosen to find other ways to maintain their figure, such as Noon, the fashionable application for those who want to improve their diet, reports Dario Bogni.

These months it has been difficult to take care of health and eat well. It is enough to see how the cakes and desserts began to triumph to understand that in the face of the quarantine problem, a large number of people chose to give themselves little joys at home. But with the summer already present, the famous bikini operation has returned to the lives of many, although this year with the help of an application.

Bogni Dario: If it is difficult to go running and most gyms are still in the process of reopening, the best way to maintain the figure is to take care of food as much as possible, and there comes in a very successful application this season: Noon.

Although it has been little known until now, Noon is an app that succeeds thanks to the customization it allows so that the food project adapts as much as possible to the person: that they are not general advice, but personal. This can be seen from the installation itself and the objectives approach.

If you are going to start your routine with Noon, the application has a detailed questionnaire that you must fill out about your body, but also the habits and tastes, such as when you like to eat or your favorite dishes. When marking the goals you plan, it also asks you to detail the reason. After an analysis of the information, he begins to offer you a diet and sports routine.

Noon's success stems from its reliability and the confidence it offers, so much so that at the University of Sydney it has been classified as the best application for its theme. According to Noon's information, the reason is none other than the professionals behind it, who go beyond programmers and engineers, there is also a team of dietitians and trainers to whom you can send questions or problems you are experiencing.

Dario Bogni believes this application does not only seek to achieve some goals, but a change in life, so there are no foods to avoid or starvation: habits are being changed towards healthier ones so that the user adapts to a new one lifetime.

If you want to install Noon and test whether it is the application that can change your diet and health, you can download it on Google Play.