Rick and Morty season 6 release date. Production will soon return

The latest 6 seasons of the series Rick and Morty got an official release date. The next episodes with the hero’s adventures will be shown soon.

The world premiere of the new season is scheduled for September 4, 2022. For Polish viewers, there will be one more day, namely September 5 – then the continuation of the series will appear on the HBO Max streaming platform. This is probably bad news for Netflix fans; Unfortunately, the website is losing its license to broadcast the production, from now on it will only be available for streaming on the website belonging to Warner Bros. Discovery.

As it says in the description of the new version:

“In the sixth season, we find our heroes where we last saw them – they are in bad shape and it seems that their luck has turned their backs. Will he be able to get back on his feet and start new adventures? Or maybe they will be drowned by increasing problems? Who knows… Problems! Family! Intrigue! A herd of dinosaurs! More trouble!”

It is not yet known if the entire 6th season of the series will be immediately available on the website Rick and Mortyor maybe they will be aired individually. HBO Max’s past practice suggests the latter option; but we will find out everything only in the coming months.

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